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Brief introduction of China Plastics Machinery Industry Association

Founded in may of 1993, China Plastics Machinery Industry Association is a national organization with the status of a legal person. It was established with the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China and is guided by the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

China Plastics Machinery Industry, which is a major part of the China Machinery Industry and one of the fastest growing industries in national machinery industry, provides important technical equipment for the plastics raw material industry and the plastics product processing industry. China Plastics Machinery Industry Association is consisting of 360 corporate members, including 71 Council members Units,1 President Member, 15 Vice-president Members and 26 Standing committee members. The members of the Association are those that engage in the production of plastics machinery equipment and accessories, such as enterprises, institutions, designing and scientific research institutes, universities and colleges, whose gross industrial output value, sales value, total contributed taxes, product variety and quantity accounts for 90% each of the whole plastics machinery industry.

Provide the best service to the members, to the industry, to the society as well as to the government.

China Plastics Machinery Industry Association dedicates to revitalize the national plastics machinery industry,aiming for the scientific development and common harmony.

The Function of the China Plastics Machinery Industry Association
Represent the industry common interest; protect the members’ legal rights; connect with government and companies, and in the work to assist the government to develop the industry by providing professional suggestions.

Business Scope

  • To prepare in-depth research on the industry; to reflect the industry and enterprise’s suggestions and requests to the government; to provide proposals for industry development and legislation; to participate in evaluating and defining related laws, macroeconomic control and industrial policies.
  • Provided of the approval of related governmental bodies the association is to participate in the composition and revise of industry standardization, industry development strategy programs, and conditions to access the industry and so as to optimize the industry management and promote the industry development; to collect industry data and statistics; to follow the development tendency of the industry both in China and abroad; to compile and publish industry information; to be involved in the industrial qualification certification approval; to evaluate and disseminate innovative technologies and new products; to assess the accident and other related work.
  • To define and conduct industrial ethics guidelines; to promote industrial mutual trust construction; to establish and improve industrial self-discipline management mechanism; to standardize the members’ behaviors; to coordinate the members’ relationships and to protect the impartial competitive environment.
  • To fulfill the mission of serving the members and enterprises; to protect legal rights of the members, enterprises and industry.
  • To provide consultation on laws, policies, technologies, management and markets; to organize the training activities accordingly.
  • To combine industrial innovation with manufacturing, learning and researching; to develop principles of energy saving; to accelerate the industry’s scientific and technological improvement.
  • To establish and run the industry journals and websites according to related regulations.
  • To hold trade fairs and exhibitions authorized by the government and in accordance with the demand; to provide more opportunities for enterprises to develop markets.
  • To protect domestic industry benefits; to assist enterprises to take part in international competition; to organize the union of domestic enterprises, especially the small and medium enterprises, so as to enhance the power of developing international markets.
  • To develop the public service platform; to promote the economic and technological communication and cooperation; to contact with the related international organizations; to guide and harmonize the members’ external activities.
  • To participate in settling of disputes in foreign trade; to assist and guide the members to respond to and appeal for anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and protective measures; to preserve normal circumstance of the import and export businesses.
  • To coordinate and communicate with related industries; to instruct and assist cooperation and harmonious development of the Association members.
  • To modify the operating mode in order to adapt to new situation and challenges; to establish and improve the internal management system; to improve the association capabilities and enhance the service performance.
  • To organize industrial and social welfare activities; to execute other functions authorized by law, statutes and other work assigned by the government.

China Plastics Machinery Industry Association
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